AFS Desktop Software called Mapping and Records allows for record keeping of fields, mapping and analysis. Layer a variety of topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance, and compare these with average multiple year maps to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Variable rate prescription maps using formulas based on soil types can also be created, together with yield or other maps. Guidance paths can be created or edited, and reports can be printed for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertiliser usage, equipment maintenance and more.

Case IH AFS Software lets you manage, view and edit all the precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment, as well as other precision farming data sources. Organize all your data with a single software program, then generate and print layouts, reports and charts. Share maps and reports with landlords, consultants, etc.

Precision Farming Data Services

Management Tree & Yield Data Cleaning & Boundary Import

This service will import and clean your yield data and management tree. We will import and clean/organise the data in the AFS Mapping Software, and return it to you as a backup file ready to restore on your AFS software (must be purchased) and Pro 700 or Trimble Screen. Tasks Involved include;

  • Import all data from USB – Including Yield Maps, Boundaries, AB Lines, etc
  • Remove pre-agreed errors in the data
  • Ensure all data is in the correct grower, farm and field
  • Clean up and review AB Lines (Create offsets for different Implements if required)
  • Boundary Import (If created with Loom see below)
  • Clean up the Management tree with Grower, Farms and Fields
  • Provide Instructions on how to clean data off Pro 700 and Trimble Screens
  • Export the Management Tree Including Boundaries and AB Lines to USB to upload onto Pro 700 or Trimble Screen
  • Print and present Yield Maps

Cost: Enquire

Boundary Creation

This service will enable permanent boundary creation of all paddocks required (RTK is required to record these boundaries which are imported into the software). The benefit of boundaries includes;

  • Use of accurate Automatic Turning Using Case IH’s Accuturn via Pro 700 (Magnum & Steiger Only)
  • Ability to draw Variable Rate Prescription Maps
  • Alert those driving the machinery on when the boundary is ending and obstacles are approaching
  • Auto Select of a Paddock when the driver enters the paddock

Cost: $750+GST Per Boundary Loom
Note: Boundary Loom can be fitted into Ute/Vehicle connected to the Battery, Pro 700 and AG372 at RTK
Note: Our precision farming specialists can record these boundaries for you at $10 Per Klm travelled

The CNH Industrial Autonomous Tractor Concept!


David Maher, New Norcia:

I use the recorded boundaries in Pro700 and FM 1000 with the same set of AB-lines. I use the boundaries to create a headland run-line and auto-steer my machine even for the first round of headland. The cleaned management tree makes the job easier and I do not have to deal with multiple AB-lines. On the Pro 700 the paddocks are being selected automatically based on the boundaries and GPS location. I do not have to be worried when a backpacker is operating the machine.

David Knipe, Northam:

By using the software and mapping the paddocks, you start to know your paddocks better. Yield maps give a clear and descriptive idea about the paddocks fertility and the yield rate all over the farms and this can be compared with different years. In the past few years VRA started to pick up and down the track, accumulated yield data and maps are absolutely necessary for VRA. Recording and using the boundaries and section control helps greatly with saving the materials and chemicals. Now I can use the same set of AB-lines across different screens.

Ross Fitzsimons, Dalwallinu:

I started managing my field data and learning the AFS systems more. I have not started using VRA yet but once I do, the recorded data is the starting block of the job. I started managing my run-lines more efficiently. By recording the boundaries and managing the run-lines we can make sure everyone is on the same page and the risk of driving on a wrong AB-line in a wrong paddock is eliminated. Using AFS software helped with minimizing unnecessary paddocks and run-lines stored in the screen which created confusion before.

Murray Dickins, Dalwallinu:

Using the recorded boundaries I know what exact paddock I am in and with a cleaned management tree, I go to the paddock, select the only assured available AB-Line and with no second thought start the job. Any chance of confusion about paddock name and AB-line is eliminated when a contractor or farm worker is driving the machine. Having the boundaries recorded helps with time management, utilising the recorded boundaries, the screen will tell you exactly how many hectares are finished and how many is left to do and how long it takes to finish the paddock. The feature map is very useful for night operation when the operator is not familiar with the paddocks.

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