The Boekemans RTK Network is the largest Network in the Central Wheatbelt. Spanning almost 2 million hectares, with over 35 base stations in use, the RTK Network reaches as far as Latham in the North, Brookton in the South, to Beacon in the East and New Norcia on the West. Both of our RTK Base Stations and Repeaters work together to give you a range that covers the majority of the Wheatbelt so that our customers can work at full capacity, productivity and efficiency.

Boekemans Machinery RTK Base Station Tower, Yerecoin.


The significance of RTK is its ability to operate machinery at an accuracy of +/- 2.5cm 95% of the time. RTK sends correction information to receivers to correct GPS/GLONASS signals. RTK will strongly assist with less overlap and the ability to run precise controlled traffic, which ultimately leads to greater efficiency and productivity and a reduction in overall costs. For the driver, the accuracy will help reduce fatigue and guarantee continual accuracy in rain or fog. All new Case IH machinery fitted with precision products should have the ability to use our RTK network. In addition the majority of Trimble’s precision products are fitted for RTK.


Having a Base Station which is fixed (RTK Stations) means that recorded data does not move, resulting in accuracy of up to one centre meter. In comparison, using solely GPS (and/or GLONASS) satellites can cause positional errors of up to 15 meters due to atmospheric delays and orbital errors.


We have four fully trained precision farming Sales & Support experts at each of our four branches (Dalwallinu, Dowerin, Northam & Wongan Hills) available to discuss any matters you may have with them. Our support package ensures any questions and queries are answered as soon as possible with expert support.
It is with our commitment to the agricultural industry that we have in place innovations which will create efficiencies and ultimately save costs for our customers and farmers. The large capital expenditure to set up one’s own RTK Network, along with the expertise required to set up Base Stations is also the reason why customers use our RTK Network.


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