Marshall Multispreader Demo Day – Lime Spread Test & Demo Variable Rate MDC App

Marshall Multispreader Demo Day – Lime Spread Test & Demo Variable Rate MDC App

On the 22nd of February we conducted a Marshall Multispreader Demo Day with our Case IH Magnum CVT 380 on display.

The Day started with a walk through with Matt Roesner, of the features of the new Marshall Spreader and what the day was to bring. He also introduced representative from AgLime and Frank D’Emden from Precision Agronomics.

We then went through and conducted three Lime Tests of which we changes Veins and RPM of the spinners in the tests to find differences and the best results.

Ultimately we found the following:

  • Maximum spread width for the lime tested is 16m
  • Reducing the spinner speed to 750RPM and removing the long vanes (Test 3) increased the amount of lime landing behind the spreader leading to a more even distribution pattern
  • The tests were carried out in low wind conditions – in windy conditions the long spinner vane should be fitted to help compensate for reductions in effective spread width caused by the wind
  • Spinner speed of 750 RPM is recommended. Speeds above 750 RPM lead to ore dust being generated and a reduction in effective spread width. Speeds above 750 RPM also lead to premature spinner vane wear
  • Fertiliser properties such as particle size, moisture content and bulk density, environmental conditions such as wind speed and humidity and field conditions should be taken into account prior to starting work and selecting width of pass.


Following the spread test, we demonstrated the MDC Variable Rate Map. Frank from Precision Acronomic’s setup a Variable Rate Map for the Paddock at 0.5, 1 and 1.5 T/Hectare. The iPad speaks with the Bluetooth receiver on the Marshall Multispreader which effectively moves the Door Up and Down as it is fitted with an Actuator.

We had a great day and look forward to our ongoing relationship with the Roesners and their fantastic Multispreading product.

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